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Recent posts: jAlbum 16.1 with content mirroring
jAlbum 16.1 with content mirroring jAlbum 16.1 has an interesting new folder linking behavior called "Mirror content". What "Mirror content" does is to create a folder tree mirroring the structure of the added folder, just like when you copy a folder to jAlbum, but the mirrored tree is... Presenting v16 Oiled-up and shiny!
“Don’t keep adding features I don’t need. Fix the annoying issues instead!”
Luckily such user comments are rare, perhaps because we put as much energy into fixing things as to developing new stuff. The new v16 is no exception. It actually focuses on fixes. Just like your car needs service every now and then, so does software...
jAlbum Wordpress Bridge – Bridging the best of two worlds Running a site often forces you to make fundamental decisions right from the beginning. Shall I base my site on a CMS (Content Management System) or I can edit my pages myself? How can I present my huge photo collection? On one hand CMS’s make the site... Presenting the Zigzag skin The jAlbum family of skins has got a new member - Zigzag. This skin has a modern, responsive and clean design suitable not only to create galleries, but whole sites. We think Zigzag will be ideal for many smaller web sites presenting the works of not... jAlbum awarded Editor's pick We're proud to tell that jAlbum 15 has been awarded Editor's Pick in Informer.com - one of the leading software catalogues today. jAlbum's flexibility, ease of use and high quality result were the main factors that motivated their top rating. Read full...